Internship Program Positions: 

Please note, before you apply, this is a Remote Internship. meaning anyone can apply. A few positions will involve compensation for any services completed.  This internship is held in San Antonio, Texas where local pop up shops are held, farmers markets, #HONEYSQUAD team meetings, hosted sponsored events, photoshoots, as well as event showings with all of our interns that must be completed for a year. All remote interns will be exclusively involved in our weekly meetings, will be appointed weekly tasks, and have full control over all social media platforms. Interns will then be handpicked to continue on to the next Internship Program year in 2021. All positions as well as their descriptions are listed below:

Skincare Enthusiasts: This is a face to face electronic social media responsibilty. The appointed intern(s) will announce Instagram and IG live announcements, general updates about upcoming events and pop ups, will manage tutorial videos and send them to the appointed editors within the Media Team. These individuals will also be included in weekly meetings with the entire team and will submit all videos or recorded content to the Media Team.

Delivery Team: Appointed interns will help with either packing, sorting packages, making sure all packages are weighted, assorted and sent off to all out of town residents, Honey Home Delivery Team Drivers will deliver to the appointed city of the day, gas is payed for as well as orders delivered for the day. Delivery Team will be no more than 2-3 people. (Remuneration)

Graphic Designers: Graphic Designers will create worded Adobe grade graphic designs while including pictures that have been submitted by the Social Media Manager, Photographer, Videographer, and Media Team. The Graphic Designers have access to website to make changes or updates, apply personal creativity to projects given, come up with new ideas for content, etc.

Social Media Manager: This appointed intern will be over the media team. They will conduct weekly meetings, for content purposes. Strategize new promotions for sales, short commercials and graphic styled videos/tutorials and help conduct phot shoots ect. 

Sales Team: The individuals on this team will conduct specific strategies for each day of the week and may include off days and heavy promotion days. Weekly meetings will be held and include prepared content ideas, promotional brainstorm ideas, and event and pop up strategies, sales promotional graphic design and special creative exercises. The Executive assistant will be the leader of this group. 

Photographer: This individual will be responsible  for taking professional pictures of products, hold several different photoshoots with models, will work hand in hand with the Digital Manager and Media Team as well as the videographer.

Videographer: This individual will work with the Media Team, Digital Manager and the Photographer. Will work on several different photoshoots, sets, will record with the founder frequently, will conduct short promo videos and will conduct overview videos of pop up shops. 

Media Team: This group of individals will work together to fully strategize weekly edits, graphic design content, preform several different weekly promotions

Executive Assistant: This individual will be directly under the owner. They will help conduct all meetings, will organize and strategize the criterea for the week. (They will get this from the owner) Will be over the sales team, ect.

Digital Manager: This individual is over the Media Team. They control all content that is posted on social media, they are resonsible for conducting weekly content meetings with the owner, will be apart of final decisions concerning photo shoots, promotional videos, commercials and graphic designs. They will also be incharge of spotting influencers and local promoters for events. 

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