The Skincare Routine includes 3 products and these products only. 
Step 1: (THE SOAP) The first is our "Orange Me Baby" facial bar, this will cleanse, brighten, and clear the skin. This should always be used first and first only. 
Step 2: (THE TONER) The second is our "Sunflower Lemon Kiss" facial toner 2oz., this refreshing toner tightens and replenishes the skin and should be sprayed onto a cotton ball or pad to insure full coverage. This should be used second. Step 3: (THE MOISTURIZER/SERUM) The last is our "Pink Clouds" moisturizer, this Aloe Vera & Rosehip gel moisturizer seals the pores, while acting as a repairing agent throughout the day leaving your skin feeling fresh and plump during the day & at night. This routine should be used at least 2x a day, but never more than 3 times. (Especially if you suffer from dry or oily skin.)